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Found objects on my local beach, often textile in nature, are of increasing impact in my work. It makes sense for my art practice to explore this further. Having little knowledge or experience of the textile medium makes this a very exciting prospect for me. I love discovering things, and often, when one has no idea what one is doing or how materials will behave and react to what you do with them, one’s work takes on a life of its own. The artist begins to feel like an observer in one’s own studio.

On this page you will see some of my recent attempts to re-present some of the interesting detritus that both finds its way onto my local beach, and is uncovered by each tide. We have a unique geology here in east Durham, and this, coupled with over a century of despoliation from the mining, chemical, iron and glass industries, makes for ‘Rich Seams’ - my working title for a solo exhibition planned for the summer of 2020. I hope you enjoy witnessing my journey, but please realise I do not consider any of the works on this page to be finished items - yet.  Therefore they are not at the moment for sale.

Rich Seams Attack Ships on Fire
Rich Seams Long Shadows
Rich Seams Long Shadows - detail
Rich Seams Vertical
Rich Seams Slopes
Bubble Tension
Squared Bubbles - detail
Bubble Abstraction
Chain Mail - detail 2
Chain Mail - detail 1
Chain Mail - full
Mag Lime Lines
Mag Lime Shibori
Mag Lime Stack
Mag Lime Stack - detail
Melting Mag Lime
Melting Mag Lime - detail
Shackled 1
Floating Edge
Barnacle Batik
Mag Lime Stack b
Mag Lime Stack b (detail1)
Mag Lime Stackb (hanging)
Mag Lime Stack b (detail1)
Mag Lime Stack b (detail2)
Hedges and Edges
Man v Fossil
Under an Acoustic Sea