Monotypes are one-of-a-kind prints. In this instance they are created by applying inks directly onto a blank, smooth gel plate. The inks are manipulated through a variety of processes. Sometimes beach found items are laid on the plate, alone or alongside hand cut stencils, sometimes used in combination with collagraph and lino plates. Often a print is the result of many lifts and layers of colour, shape and texture become overlaid. It is a high energy process and always rewarding. The results are revelatory, unique and unrepeatable. Some of the prints here are embellished by hand with ink and/or graphite. Some began life as a monotype and grew into collages. See individual image descriptions for details.
Blast Totem
White Tree
Lepidodendron Umbelliferae
Post Industrial Shore
Gulls and Gasket
Rockpool Find
Caged Flight
Under the Cliff
The Surveyor
Sienna Flight
And Vikings Came
Fossil Pool
Umber Tide
Rsd Cage
Red Fossil
Red Moon
Above the Coal
Moon Shaft
Red Shaft
Elder Fruiting
Shore Life
Towards the Surface
Night Fossil
Night Shaft
Shaft of Light
Moonrise Blast
Fossil Dawn
Rusted Keys
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Fossil Moon
Coal Meadows
Winter Fruit
Industrial Nest
From the Tide
Fly Free
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Crow Moon
Blast Edge 3
Blast Edge 1
Blast Edge 2
Blast Stack
Beneath the Blue 1
Beneath the Blue 2
Dark Weed
High Tide Moon
Blue Portal
Gull Portal
Towards Chourdon Point
Nature  Disrupted
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Shaft Rise