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Encaustic:  What is it?

For our purposes, the encaustic art on this page is made from beeswax, damar resin and pigment. It is heated, layered and fused onto cradled wooden boards. It is an ancient (2000years +) medium and extremely archival.

Collectors ask, “Will my painting melt?”  Wax melts at around 75C, so if these paintings melt, your house is on fire. That said, you ought not to hang any original art in direct sunlight, nor expose it to temperatures below freezin
Dividing Line
Coal Moon
Poetry of Earth
Red Circle
Blast Sunrise - Detail
Blast Tools
Red Square
In the Footsteps of Eadfrith
Night Rain
Turquoise Bunker - Detail
Turquoise Bunker
Blast Sunrise
Crossing the Line
Safe Harbour
Spiral Tide
Spiral Tide - Detail