What is a collagraph?

You have probably heard of a collage, right?
Then imagine a collage made up from low relief surfaces, (often scavenged from the beach in my case!) They need to be thin enough to go through an etching press, but textured enough to trap ink - either in the crevices (intaglio) or on top of the surfaces, (relief). The plate is then wiped and put through the press. Another option is to put the plate through the press without any ink, to create a 'blind emboss' .  The possibilities are endless.

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Boat, Circular
Through the Rosebay to Nose's Point
Colliery Combination
Blast Nest Green
Tidal Remnants
Red Tool Abstraction
Pool Edge
Red Pool, Yellow Cliff
Mag Lime Limpets
The Cutter, Dawdon
Stack Strata
Blast Abstract 1
Blast Abstract 2
Blast Abstract 3
Blast Abstract 4
Blast Abstract 5
Blast Abstract 6
Blast Abstract 7
Blast Abstract 8
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