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In an Ocean of Elizabeths
Dunbar Pots
For a Moment
Curtain Call
Morning Storm
Northern Shore - Morning
Pink Tarp
Oiled Blue
Mermaid and the Moon
A Fold in the Fluid
Mining, Unions and Politics
Winter Light, Seaham
Celtic Copse
Mag Lime and Bladderwrack
Coal Holes
Seaham Squall
High Tide
Mermaid's Torso
Harbour Wall
You can keep your Hat on
She Knew a Boy who Could Count the Waves
A Drop in the Ocean
On the Edge
Skin of the Sea
Barnacles, P:urple
North Sea Breaker
Sea Spiral
Cliff Walk
Along the South Pier
Seaham Light
Fishers of the Morning
Property Inalienable
Tender Nets
In the Beginning
In Memoriam, Dawdon
Beach Spiral 2
Red Seam
Volunteer Arms
Rosebay Willowherb - pair
There is a stain
Lobster Pot Base
Orange Eight
Street Life
Embrace Imperfection
Mother and Child
Beach Spiral 1
Pomatoceros Triqueter
Rusted Path
Homage to Verdigris
Rock Pool
Mag Lime Lines
Mag Lime Shibori
Oh Buoy
The Grand Design
Winter Moon
Barnacle Batik
High Stool
Only Connect
Orcadian Pyramid
Moon Tide
Only Connect
Autumn Hedgerow
Ginny's Dene - Long View
Greetings from Seaham
Barnacles, Pink
Gull Rays
Where the sky should meet the sea
After Max
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